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Workshop Facilities

Key Benefits

  • Fully trained and experienced pump fitters and technicians
  • Specialised service equipment for various pump brands


Our service personnel have had many years experience in both pumping systems, pump repairs and the mining environments they are used in. We are the authorised service agents for many of the worlds top manufacturers. Our many years of local knowledge gives us an extensive history for most mining sites throughout Western Australia. All of those factors enable us to provide you with outstanding customer service especially in

  • Knowledge
    Our diverse group of people offer over 120 years experience in mining and mining pumps throughout Western Australia.
  • Products
    Our years in the business means we have attracted the best manufacturers in the world who look to us to support their products and you the customer.
  • Local
    The owners and staff of our Company are all locals. We live, eat and breathe were we work. So to look after you is to look after our own local area.

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Testing Facilities

Key Benefits

  • 415 and 1000 Volt test facilities in both branches
  • PLC control test sytems upto 110 kW in the Perth branch
  • All repairs where possible are tested before return to the customer


It has been a Company philosophy since our inseption that we must test before despatch all serviced equipment where possible. This philosphy ensures peace of mind to not only our own staff and the confirmation they have done the job properly, but the customer has the guarantee that his pump is ready to go when it arrives back onsite.

Test Tank

Fully digitalised test tanks are used in both branches. All complete pump units that are able to be tested prior to despatch are given a comprehensive run in the test tank ensuring it conforms to published test curves, is running within electrical parameters, and is running in the correct direction.

Test Bed

Both branches are fitted with bearing frame test beds for running up and checking bearing clearances on large bearing pedestals.

PLC Control

Our Perth test facility is PLC control. Various tests for common pumps are pre-set and ready to go at a touch of a button. All test results are transferred to our computer system that generates full reports and pump curves.

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Onsite Inspections and Audits

Key Benefits

  • Full onsite audit capabilites for all your pumps and pumping systems.
  • Pump system design capabilities.
  • Maintenance planning reporting and assistance.


Key Personnel

We have highly specialised staff who are able to offer expertise in design, application, and modifications to new and existing pumping systems. We also have experienced mining staff who have had many years experience in mining maintenance supervision.


Local staff have many years local knowledge of exisitng equipment and sites.


Our two branches mean we are conveniently situated to give us quick and easy access to most sites throughout Western Australia.

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